The Beerbox's only purpose is to make you happy.

The beerbox...

  • Forgives your (shameful) mistakes;
  • Expiates your worst jokes;
  • Delivers your parcels at your desk;
  • Can do anything you can think of !

When the beerbox is fulfilled, she organizes a party where everyone is warmly welcome :-)

You will find the Beerbox at the 7th floor, at the Scale Tribe (inflatable objects).

New ! The Beerbox's little sister is now available at the 8th floor, at NROLL, open space of the advertising department.

The rules

  • No minimum amount
  • No mandatory donation


Beer gets you laid since 1862

Declared source of youth by your body and legally recognized as a public interest.



Thursday, 29th November 2018

At 7pm, at "Les Initiés"

84 Rue Championnet, 75018 Paris

The Beerbox is your friend !


At the beginning of the Beerbox, we find a talented, audacious and a little bit stupid developer who met a talented, beautiful and a little bit stupid project manager. One day, he decided to put a coin aside each time he made an enormity in his code (and the coins were accumulating quickly), and those two being a great team, she offered him a beautiful wrestling mug, which soon became the very official first Beerbox.

Inaugurated in 2012, the Beerbox has contributed to the financing of several special Beerbox parties.

Founder & Honorary President elected for life : Mathieu Gillot.

The Honorable managers of the Beerbox throughout history

The Beerbox's special friends